It’s the Ontario thought police again!

In the previous post, I talked about this week’s Oliver-Twist-like performance by Team CANDU which involved putting out their bowl for more money from the federal government before the “meal” had even started. Interestingly, there have been reports in the media that the Ontario government has been rapping their knuckles because by asking for financial guarantees, Team CANDU members are violating Ontario’s edict to have no discussion of the reactor purchase by the bidders. Banning public discussion on an investment of 10’s of billions of dollars that will affect Ontarians’ lives for decades to come is completely unconscionable to me. The Ontario government claims this is to be “fair” to the bidders but I find this a very questionable motive because it places the interests of AREVA, Westinghouse and AECL above those of the people it was elected to serve.  Maybe they really mean it would be much less trouble to make the choice of reactor in a back room at Queens Park because public input would be too troublesome. Nevertheless, I fearlessly predict Ontario will eventually stage some sort of half-hearted “public consultation” for cosmetic purposes and will, of course, ignore any output from it. All of this is certainly not fair to the public and that’s why I started this blog and that takes me full circle. (Rant over) 

One Response to “It’s the Ontario thought police again!”

  1. Don Jones Says:

    Re It’s the Ontario thought police again!

    Like Ontario the UK is going through a somewhat similar exercise to select reactors for its urgent new build program. Unlike Ontario the process is completely transparent.

    The vendors in the UK are AREVA, Westinghouse and GE-Hitachi. AREVA and Westinghouse are also bidding in Ontario together with AECL. At the moment the vendors are going through the Generic Design Assessment by the UK nuclear regulator. This will take about another three years then the vendor can apply to build that design at a particular site.

    A website has been set up so that the public has access to all of the non-proprietary technical data. The public is even encouraged to comment on each of the designs based on the available information.

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