Rules for Moderating the Discussion

Rules for Moderating the Nuclear Technology Discussion

A fair, focussed, and transparent nuclear blog

I will moderate the discussion on this blog to make it fair, appropriate, focussed and of high quality. In order to achieve this objective I will reject or edit any post I feel that violates the spirit of our discussion.

 In order to avoid the spurious spam comments that plague today’s blogs you must register as a contributor before your first post on this blog and at registration provide me your email address so I can verify that you are a legitimate contributor. I will keep your information confidential to the best of my ability.  In fact, I will allow a pen name (pseudonym) from a registered contributor to protect your identity if you feel that’s needed.  I do this in order to encourage contributors who might otherwise not participate because for example they are still working for a nuclear industry company.

Profanity, vulgarity, libellous and unsubstantiated claims against companies and individuals, racism, sexism and nasty content of all kinds will cause a post to be rejected out of hand.  This will be a civilized discussion.

This blog will be focussed on nuclear technology choices.  Rehashes of the standard arguments for and against nuclear power per se won’t be posted.  Unfortunately, there are fanatics on both sides of the debate and I’m sure like me the people who read this blog have heard these shibboleths ad nauseam and don’t want to hear them yet again.  

In order to focus the discussion, comparisons of nuclear power with other forms of energy, a frequent source of spurious arguments on both sides, are out.  Climate change is another swamp of controversy that I don’t want to steer the discussion into. There are already enough blogs devoted to that topic.

Given the purpose of the blog I should state my personal biases at the outset.  I’m in favour of nuclear power.  The issue for me is not whether nuclear power will play an important role in providing energy to our society – I firmly believe it will. Rather my concerns are around the choice of nuclear technologies we Canadians are about to make.

I’m retired from AECL. A well-known quote from the novelist L.P. Hartley sums up my feelings about AECL “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”. It is indeed a very different company than I left almost ten years ago and I hold no bias one way or the other for the present day version of AECL. To be fair in the past I’ve (unsuccessfully) pitched AREVA for consulting work, and at various times owned appliances made by GE and Westinghouse. These experiences also generated no bias.   

I don’t claim to be an expert on the issues discussed and that’s why your contributions are so important to making this discussion a success.

If you need to know more about me then have a look at

However, I must stress that the opinions I express in this blog are strictly my own and should not be attributed to nor reflect upon any of the organizations listed there. 

Let the games begin!

David Jackson

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